Count on us, with your major accounts

It’s a common misconception that large businesses prefer to purchase their equipment, rather than lease it. Taking today’s challenging market out of the equation, 80% of the FTSE 500 have always favoured leasing because of the cash-flow efficiencies, not to mention, it beats tying cash up in ever-depreciating business necessities such as computers, desk phones, air conditioning units and furniture.

Also, the tax efficiencies mean profitable companies can offset their lease outgoings versus corporation tax, allowing savings of 20% (and more) via the lease rental mechanism.

Onboarding a household name can reap incredible rewards for your business, so it pays to ensure that all elements of your sales cycle is geared up to meet the demands of a potential major account.

Lease Group prides itself on offering exceptional support for Partners, whether a customer is big or small. But with dedicated Account Management and first-class order processing Support, Partners are less hesitant than perhaps they may be otherwise to involve a third-party service when onboarding a potentially game-changing account.

Don’t take our word for it – see what our Partners say.

Over the years we have successfully and seamlessly processed lease applications for household names, not limited to the brands pictured above.

Why do Partners use Lease Group over other potential finance options? Well, it is quite simply a question of trust. We’ve been entrusted to transact with and on behalf of the biggest names on the market because we understand the sector and our in-house systems mean each application goes without a hitch.

Oh, and if a killer interest rate is important, we offer that too.

We’re primed and ready to land your next big contract, are you? Read up on our latest guides in preparation and be sure to share the benefits of leasing with your customer, in case your contact is new to the concept.

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